Deposit calculator

Deposit - a tool provided by financial institutions, mostly banks and credit unions. Deposit is designed to help you preserve and increase your savings. In other words, investing money in the bank, you will ensure safe storage and get a pay interest, depending on the type and deposit currency, as well as the duration of finding funds to bank accounts. Depending on the type of deposit, you can: remove the accrued interest on the deposit during the period of the deposit and use them in its sole discretion, to increase the amount of the deposit, to receive interest on deposit at the end of his actions; freely increase / decrease the amount of the deposit.

With this deposit calculator you can calculate the accrued interest on the deposit and to choose the best scheme for their calculation.


monetary items
% annual

Calculated interest amount on deposit with a deposit calculator may have a slight error caused by the peculiarities of calculations in each financial institution.