Calculator of volume units

This online service performs the conversion of volume values from one measurement unit to another.

In the form of a calculator, select the required unit of volume, enter its value, specify the units to translate, and accuracy of calculation and click "Calculate".


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Volume is the capacity of a geometric body, that is, a part of a space bounded by one or more closed surfaces. The volume is expressed by the number of cubic units that fit into a certain capacity.

The accepted units of measurement are in SI and derivatives of it - cubic meter, cubic centimeter, liter (cubic decimeter), etc. Off-system - gallon, barrel, bushel.

The word "volume" is also used in a figurative sense to denote the total or current value. For example, "the volume of demand."

In the visual arts, the volume is the illusory transfer of the spatial characteristics of the object depicted by artistic methods.

Table of frequently used volume units:

to convert from UnitUnit SymbolMultiply by (m3/Unit)
acre-footac ft1233.481838
barrel (Imperial)bl0.16365924
barrel (Oil)bl0.158987295
barrel (U.S. dry)bl0.115628199
barrel (U.S. fluid)bl0.119240471
bushel (Imperial)bu0.03636872
bushel (U.S. dry)bu0.03523907
cord (firewood)cord3.624556364
cubic footft³0.028316847
cubic inchin³1.63871E-5
cubic centimetercm³1.0E-6
cubic meter1
cubic kilometerkm³1000000000
cubic milemi³4168181825
cubic yardyd³0.764554858
cup (Canadian)c0.000227305
cup (U.S.)c0.000236588
ounce (Imperial fluid)oz2.84131E-5
ounce (U.S. fluid)oz2.95735E-5
gallon (Imperial)gal0.00454609
gallon (U.S. dry)gal0.004404884
gallon (U.S. fluid)gal0.003785412
gill (Imperial)gi0.000142065
gill (U.S.)gi0.000118294
hogshead (Imperial)hhd0.32731848
hogshead (U.S.)hhd0.238480942
peck (Imperial)pk0.00909218
peck (U.S. dry)pk0.008809768
pint (Imperial)pt0.000568261
pint (U.S. dry)pt0.00055061
pint (U.S. fluid)pt0.000473176
quart (Imperial)qt0.001136523
quart (U.S. dry)qt0.001101221
quart (U.S. fluid)qt0.000946353
tablespoon (Canadian)tbsp1.42065E-5
tablespoon (Imperial)tbsp1.77582E-5
tablespoon (U.S.)tbsp1.47868E-5
teaspoon (Canadian)tsp4.73551E-6
teaspoon (Imperial)tsp5.91939E-6
teaspoon (U.S.)tsp4.92892E-6