How to calculate volume of body or figures

Volume - geometric capacity of the body, that is part of the space bounded by one or more closed surfaces. Volume is expressed in the number of cubic units that fit into a specific container.

The volume is calculated in two ways: mathematical or physically.

Mathematical calculation formula uses specific volumes of bodies of simple shape. Such calculations can be performed using calculators on our website:

For bodies of complex shape is calculated by dividing the amount of body parts of a simple form and summing the amounts of these parts.

For bodies of any shape, but consisting of homogeneous material, we can calculate the amount by weight of the physical body and the density of the substance from which it is composed. For this calculation, you can use this calculator.

Enter the weight and density of the material, select the precision of calculation and then click on "Calculate". Calculator will calculate the volume of the body.

How to calculate the surface area


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Mass - a scalar physical quantity, one of the most important variables in physics. She is "the amount of substance" in the physical object.

Density - a scalar physical quantity, defined as the ratio of body weight to the volume occupied by this body. Based on the determination of density, it is a dimension kg/m³.

The volume of the physical body weight m, which consists of a uniform material density of p, can be calculated by the formula V=m/p