Browser and network information

This section provides a set of utilities that can be used to find out about your browser. You can also get information that can be obtained from your public IP address.

In addition, here are step-by-step instructions on how to get information about the network settings of your computer or smartphone.

List of available helpers

At the most basic level, your IP address reveals the country you are in, your city, and your zip code. This is why you often see ads tied to your location. For example, you always see advertisements from local restaurants, not from restaurants that are located in another country. However, this is not all the information that an IP address can provide about you, because everything you do online is also tied to it.

Not only are websites and advertisers trying to find out your physical location using your IP address, but they also want to know what sites you visit online. One of the ways they collect this information about you is through the use of cookies and IP tracking technology, which "follow" your IP address around the Internet. With this data, the technology learns your online search and browsing habits to send you even more targeted ads about anything it thinks you are interested in. In addition, this information can even be sold to other advertisers.