Currency calculator

Currency Converter performs online recalculating sums of money from one currency to another by rate of National Bank.

Fill in the form field "Amount", enter the original currency and the currency conversion and press the "Calculate". Calculator will perform the calculation of the amount in another currency.


Currency calculator uses the actual data at rates from sites "Нацiональний банк України", "Центробанк РФ", "Нацыянальны банк Рэспублiкi Беларусь" and converting currencies: USD US Dollar EUR Euro, UAH Ukrainian hryvnia, RUB Russian ruble, BYR Belarusian ruble, PLN Polish zloty, CNY Chinese yuan, KZT Kazakhstani tenge, MDL Moldovan leu, UZS Uzbek sum, AZN Azerbaijani manat.

Currency - a key element of the monetary system of the state, and regional or global monetary system.

Convertibility - property currencies exchange between them.

Currency converted if residents and nonresidents (foreigners) have the right to unlimited exchange it for another currency. This right is usually guaranteed by the central bank of the country where the currency is circulating.