Trigonometric calculator

This online service calculates the trigonometric functions: sine (sin x), cosine (cos x), tangent (tan x), cotangent (cot x), secant (sec x), cosecant (csc x).

In the form, select the calculator function to calculate, enter the angle, enter the accuracy of the calculation and click on "Calculate".

Here inverse trigonometric calculator.


decimal places

Trigonometric functions - a function of the angle. They can be defined as the ratio of two sides and angles of a triangle or a ratio of coordinates of points of the circle.

Play an important role in the study of periodic functions and many objects. For example, in the study series, differential equations.

Here are six basic trigonometric functions:

  1. sine (sin)
  2. cosine (cos)
  3. tangent (tg = sin / cos)
  4. cotangent (cot = cos / sin)
  5. secant (sec = 1 / cos)
  6. cosecant (csc = 1 / sin)

The last four are determined by the first two. In other words, they are defined, and not separate entities.