How to choose the deposit

In choosing the deposit scheme drew attention to the following conditions:

  • scheme of payment of interest (paid monthly / quarterly payment / monthly capitalization / quarterly capitalization) - of this factor depends where you can get the amount of their interest;
  • conditions replenishment (with the possibility of replenishment / fixed amount of replenishment or without replenishment) - depends on whether you can increase the amount of the contribution, and therefore the amount received per cent;
  • minimum amount of replenishment - depends on how often you can replenish your account, and thus increase the amount of their interest;
  • term deposit (months / year) - depends on where you can take advantage of the principal amount of the contribution;
  • conditions of early termination of the contribution (conversion of interest and without converting percent) - depends on how much you will receive interest, if break the contract early.

Do not be quick to give their money to any institution. Select the 10-15 most reliable financial institutions (the official), providing deposit services in your country. Compare deposit schemes in these institutions. Choose the most appropriate for your scheme. Make a calculation on selected schemes in different currencies. And on the basis of these data to make informed decisions.