VAT Calculator

VAT calculation operations are an important aspect of bookkeeping of any economic operator, working on a common tax system (DOS). For many start-ups and the VAT charge are unfamiliar operation, in which the cost of failure can be high. This online calculator will quickly accrue and provide VAT, without going into details of the mathematical calculations.

Enter the amount and rate of interest, click on "Calculate". Calculator performs the operation of the VAT amount entered and the operation of charging VAT on the amount entered.



Value Added Tax (VAT) - a system of taxation of goods and services tax on the amount of value added to the original cost of raw materials at every stage of their exchange, production or resale. Depending on the type of product the interest rate may vary.

VAT is included in the price of the product by the manufacturer, to be paid by the buyer and is calculated as the difference between the VAT paid by the buyer, and the VAT paid in connection with the costs that are included in the cost of production. In the settlement documents VAT allocated separately.