Conversion temperatures

This online service makes translation temperature values from one unit to another. The conversion of degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, Kelvin.

In the form, enter the temperature and specify the units of measurement specified temperature, enter the accuracy of the calculation and click on "Calculate".


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There are several different temperature unit. They are divided into relative (degrees Celsius, degrees Fahrenheit…) and absolute (Kelvin, Rankine degree…).

Temperature range - linear arrangement of divisions corresponding to the specific values ​​of the temperature on the thermometer. In Centigrade for reference points to take a point of melting ice with the number 0 and the boiling point of water to the number 100 (the Celsius scale, proposed by the Swedish physicist Celsius in 1742), the scale of the German scientist Fahrenheit by its control adopted by the melting point of snow mixed with salt with the number 32, point boiling water with the number 212 and the temperature of the human body with the number 96, and the French scientist Reaumur ice melting point denotes the number 80, the temperature of boiling water - 0 and divided scales between these points on 80 equal parts-degree (1730).

Thermodynamic scale differs from empirical scales in that it is absolute. It is based on the fundamental laws of thermodynamics or statistical mechanics instead of some arbitrary chosen working material. Besides it covers full range of temperature and has simple relation with microscopic quantities like the average kinetic energy of particles (see equipartition theorem).