What is my MAC address?

A Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique identifier assigned to each device connected to a network that allows it to be identified when connected. A MAC address, sometimes called a hardware or physical address, is a unique 12-character alphanumeric attribute. Example MAC address: 00-DB-F0-09-C8-11.

What is it for?

When the provider connects a new user, it fixes its MAC address in the system and delivers traffic according to the installed package to it.

Binding to the MAC address is necessary for building a network and will come in handy if some greedy person wants to use the neighbor's Internet. He can disconnect his cable from the switch on the roof (or cut it off in front of the apartment), and try to redirect the traffic to his device, but nothing will come of it, because the provider identifies the user precisely by the MAC address.

How to find out

So, knowing the MAC address of your new router can come in handy to name it to the provider. So that they changed his settings and tied it instead of the old one from the computer, and you had the Internet again.


Any router has a sticker with information about connecting to it. The WiFi network name, login address, log in and password for authorization are usually indicated there. And there is desired MAC address.


Chrome OS




Smart Phones


Device MAC
Wireless Connection MAC


Device MAC
Wireless Connection MAC

Note. Many devices have multiple MAC addresses, depending on how they are connected to the network - via an Ethernet cable (wired) or via a Wi-Fi network (wireless).

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