How to choose a leasing

When you lease, pay attention to the following conditions:

  • scheme of interest (classic / annuity) - on this factor depends on how you will pay the lease rate: reducing the amount of monthly payment or in equal installments During the entire period of the lease agreement;
  • one-time commission - depends on how much you pay to receive leasing in the first month;
  • initial payment for the object - depends on this base depreciation (the higher initial payment, the lower the residual value of the object, hence lower the monthly amortization, ie, the amount of your monthly payments);
  • lease term - on which depends the amount of repayment of the initial value of the object, and as a consequence of the residual value of the object (which you should pay the lessor in making your decision to buy back);
  • lease rate - it depends on the amount of your monthly payments, which you will pay in addition to depreciation.

Do not hurry to take the object in the lease. Calculate the cost of the services of leasing companies and the cost of servicing the loan, other things being equal, for the facility lease. Examine the tax base of the object of leasing in your country and calculate the benefits of leasing and credit from a tax perspective. Only counting the full cost of maintenance of the facility according to these two directions make an informed choice in favor of this or that.

Also worth remembering that you immediately when you receive a loan / lease agreement will need to pay some or all of these types of payments: state taxes, notarization of contracts, life insurance, the borrower and the mortgage insurance facility.