Help Leasing calculator

Leasing calculator designed to calculate the cost of using leasing online with the ability to save the results into a file on your computer. Supported formats for saving files: Adobe PDF, CSV, HTML or Microsoft Office Excel.

To perform the calculations necessary to fill the form with the parameters of the lease.



% annual




Field "Type of lease" specifies the amount of the monthly amortization, which is determined by the type of object.

In the field "Lease term" indicates a period of months, which is issued leases.

In the field "The cost of leasing object" is entered the value of the object, which is taken on lease.

In the field "Lease rate" indicates the value of the interest rate of leasing as a percentage per annum.

In the field "Advance payment" - make the initial payment for the value of the contract as a percentage.

In the field "Single commission fee" - the value of an ad hoc committee as a percentage.

In the field "Amortization (monthly)" - the amount of monthly amortization as a percentage.

If you use accelerated amortization in the box makes a note.

Then choose repayment of leasing. Leasing calculator can perform calculations on two methods of repayment:

After selecting a scheme by pressing "Calculate" calculates the cost of using leasing.

The result of calculation will be presented in the form of the following blocks:

The results can be printed or save as files:

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