Inverse trigonometric calculator

This online service calculates the inverse trigonometric functions: arcsine (arcsin x), arccosine (arccos x), arctangent (arctan x), arccotangent (arccot x), arcsecant (arcsec x), arccosecant (arccsc x).

In the form, select the calculator function to calculate, enter the argument of the function x, enter the accuracy of the calculation and click on "Calculate".

Here trigonometric calculator.


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Inverse trigonometric functions - a mathematical function is the inverse trigonometric functions.

Title inverse trigonometric function is formed from the name of the trigonometric functions using the prefix «arc-» (from the Latin. Arc - an arc). This is because the geometric meaning of the inverse trigonometric function equal to the arc of the unit circle (or the angle subtending the arc), which relies on a given segment.

Inverse trigonometric functions are used to calculate the angles of a triangle if you know him.

Here are six basic inverse trigonometric functions:

  1. arcsine (arcsin)
  2. arccosine (arccos)
  3. arctangent (arctg)
  4. arccotangent (arccot)
  5. arcsecant (arcsec(x) = arccos(1 / x))
  6. arccosecant (arccsc(x) = arcsin(1 / x))