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Cone (more precisely, a circular cone) is a body consisting of a circle - base of the cone, the point that does not lie in the plane of the wheel - the top of the cone and all segments connecting points of the top of the cone base. The segments that connect the top of the cone points of the circle base, called generators of the cone. The surface of the cone consists of a base and lateral surface.

Cone called direct if direct connecting top cone centered base, perpendicular to the plane of the base. Intuitively, a right circular cone can imagine how the body got the rotation angle triangle around his legs as axis.

The height of the cone is called perpendicular, dropped from its peak in the plane of the base. In direct cone base height coincides with the center of the base. Axis right circular cone is called straight, which contains its height.

If the base of the cone is a polygon, then the cone becomes a pyramid. Thus the pyramid is a subset of cones.

The volume of a cone is calculated by the formula V=1⁄3πr²h