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Triangle is a  three points that do not lie on a straight line, and three segments that connect them. Otherwise, the triangle - a polygon, which has exactly three angles.

These three points are called the vertices of the triangle into segments is a  sides of the triangle. The sides of the triangle form the vertices of a triangle in three angles.

Isosceles triangle is called, which the two sides are equal. These parties are called side, the third side is called the base. In an equilateral triangle the angles at the base are equal.

Equilateral or right triangle is called, in which all three sides are equal. All corners of an equilateral triangle are equal and are equal to 60°.

The perimeter of the arbitrary triangle is calculated by formula: P=a+b+c

The perimeter of the right or equilateral triangle is calculated by formula: P=3a

Where a,b,c - sides of the triangle, R - radius of the outscribed circle, r - radius of the inscribed circle.