Calculator of calculating hours and minutes

This online service calculates the time interval in hours and minutes between two time values.

In the form of a calculator, enter two time values and click Calculate.

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Time is one of the basic concepts of physics and philosophy, one of the coordinates of space-time, along which the world lines of physical (material) bodies are stretched. The unit of time measurement in the SI system is the second.

In the quantitative (metrological) sense, the concept of time has three aspects: it is the current time: the calendar, conditioned by the rules of the calendar, and the time of day; Relative time, time interval between two events; Subjective parameter when comparing several different frequency processes.

Hour is a unit of time. The hour is not an SI unit, but its use is allowed in conjunction with the SI. By modern definition, the hour is 3600 seconds or 60 minutes.

Minute is an extrasystem unit of time. By modern definition, the minute is 60 seconds (1/60 hours or 1/1440 days). A minute is widely used in everyday life.