Help for mortgage calculator

Mortgage calculator is designed to calculate the cost of using a credit line with the possibility of preserving the results to a file on your computer. Supported formats for writing the file: Adobe PDF, CSV, HTML or Microsoft Office Excel.

To perform the calculation must fill out a form with the parameters of credit.

% annual

In the "Term of loan" indicates a period of months, which takes credit in the bank.

In the "Loan amount" introduces the loan amount.

In the "Rate" indicates the value of interest rate loan as a percentage of annual.

In the "Single commission fee" - the value of a single commission as a percentage.

In the "Monthly fee" - a monthly commission of money units.

Then choose the loan scheme. Mortgage calculator can perform calculations on two repayment schemes:

  • annuity scheme interest;
  • standart scheme interest.

After selecting a scheme by clicking on "Calculate" do a calculation of the value of credit.

The results of the calculation will be presented in the form of following blocks:

  • block "Base terms" contains information on the loan;
  • block "Final values" to inform about the amount of the final payment on the loan;
  • block "Schedule of payments on credit-side" - a schedule of charges and interest and repayment of the loan amount.

The results can be printed or save as files:

  • Microsoft Office Excel (Excel5)
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  • HTML
  • CSV
  • Adobe PDF