Calculator of the ellipsoid surface area

Enter the dimensions of the axes of the ellipsoid, enter the calculation accuracy and click on "Calculate". The calculator will calculate the surface area of the ellipsoid (the approximate calculation).

Calculator of the ellipsoid volume


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Ellipsoid - geometric solid body bounded by a surface which is formed as a result of deformation of the sphere along the three mutually perpendicular axes. Ellipsoid is a three-dimensional analogue of an ellipse and is described by three semi-axes a, b, c.

In the case where a pair of semi-axes is the same length, an ellipsoid can be obtained by rotating an ellipse about one of its axes. This ellipsoid is called an ellipsoid of revolution or spheroid.

The point of intersection of the ellipsoid with the coordinate axes are called the vertices of the ellipsoid, the center of symmetry - the center of the ellipsoid. If the half-axis are distinct, the triaxial ellipsoid is called.

The formula of the surface area of the ellipsoid can not be expressed using a simple function.